Psychologist and author Felicitas Heyne started developing iPersonic in 2003 as a basis for a global personal development system.

The iPersonic personality system is extrapolated from a typology which was originally developed by the psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung. This typology is based on different temperaments and attitudes respectively that are widely held to be hereditary. They take influence on our perceptions, thought process, feelings and behavior.

The iPersonic personality system covers 16 different personality types, which are classified into four groups: thinkers, doers, realists and idealists.

The iPersonic personality system features a unique color-coding, which allows for easy visual identification of similar types. This color coding is used by online dating sites and social networks.

Customized digital content (eBooks) exists for each of the 16 iPersonic personality types. They provide personal advice on careers, relationships and health.

iPersonic has satisfied customers in over 100 countries worldwide ranging from the USA and Germany to Qatar, Belize and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The iPersonic personality test is available in 21 languages, namely English, German, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Hindi, Hebrew, Portuguese, Italian, Afrikaans, Dutch, Bulgarian, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Romanian, Bosnian, Catalan, Croatian, Serbian and Slovenian.

iPersonic is recommended as a career planning tool by numerous organizations and institutes worldwide, such as the Bavarian State Ministry of Labour, the National Health Service, Manitoba Career Development, the Centre Franco-Ontarien de Ressources Pédagogiques and the YMCA.

iPersonic is used for career development and recruitment by companies as diverse as the banking giant HSBC, the austrian oil and gas company ÖMV or the non-profit organization Greeneration Indonesia.

The iPersonic personality system serves as the basis for both the book "Glücksfitness" (Herder Verlag, Germany) and its corresponding Chinese version "性格 的 快 乐 密码" by Felicitas Heyne.