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It's scientifically proven that low job satisfaction will lead to burnout, lowered self-esteem, anxiety, and depression. Dissatisfaction at work can be hazardous to an employee’s mental health and well-being. On the other side, job satisfaction can significantly contribute to life satisfaction. Psychologists call this the "spillover effect": people who are satisfied with work also tend to be satisfied with other specific domains of life and with life overall. A perfect job will not only keep you healthy, it will also help you to lead a happy life.

The iPersonic Personality System gives invaluable insight into the employee's individuality, outlining strengths along with areas of relative weakness. In addition each iPersonic Career Profile maps the employee's behavioural style and core motivations to areas of work and patterns of work which best accommodate their individual make-up, giving them vital opportunity to reflect and make decisive choices on their working life and career. In addition, the iPersonic Personality System matches each personality type with a database of more than 900 in-depth job descriptions.
Use Cases
HSBC logo
HSBC, the world's second-largest banking and financial services group and second-largest public company used iPersonic at a bank-wide career expo with the aim to facilitate their internal staff to explore the career choices within the bank and understand more about career management.
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OMV is one of Austria´s largest industrial companies with more than 30.000 employees. The international and integrated oil and gas company used iPersonic to train their distributor network in 12 countries with eleven different languages.
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Founded in 1996, The MBA Exchange is the leading resource for applicants to the world's best MBA programs. As advisors, advocates and allies, their consultants start with an objective, actionable assessment of their strengths and weaknesses of their clients using iPersonic Career Profiles.
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We like and are comfortable with people who communicate on our wavelength and who are similar to us in important aspects. In general, we instinctively prefer the company of people who are similar to ourselves regarding the important aspects of our personality, our origin and convictions. That stands to reason. In one respect this similarity makes dealing with them easier, communication works more smoothly, and all kinds of conflicts don’t even make their appearance because one agrees in the important matters anyway.

Similarity is the principle by which the personalities are arranged in the iPersonic color circle. Similar colors stand for similar personalities.
Use Cases
ICONY logo
ICONY is a flirt and dating network with more than 1.5 million members. It uses our color-coded iPersonic typology to help their members to find their perfect match. iPersonic color codes offer an important visual clue when scanning longer lists of potential partners.
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iPersonic.me is a simple, non-profit platform to connect people by their personality type. Facebook is great, but it won't match you with like-minded people in far places. That's exactly what iPersonic.me does. It helps you find people like you anywhere in the world using our iPersonic typology.
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Jolene Montgomery writes in her paper "The Role that Personality and Motivation Play in the Consumer Behaviour: A Case Study on HSBC" (Business Intelligence Journal, 2008):
In sum, this study has shown that taken to its advantage, research and information concerning consumer behavior shows that two of its influential factors are personality and motivation. The future of better and more effective advertising and marketing promotions of the consumer market can thus be further improved, as was shown in the HSBC experience, wherein consumer personality and motivation are taken into consideration and acknowledged as imperative in determining the consumer market in today’s information age.
The importance of online marketing is growing constantly. Marketing through search engines and social networks offers incredible possibilities. But if you want to obtain optimal results, you need to tailor your communication to the individual needs and motivations of your potential customer. The iPersonic Personality System will enable you to create efficient and successful online marketing campaigns. Our Typology can be used for many different aspects, such as Persona creation, Keyword Research, Landing-page optimization, Product / Web-site design, SEO and personality-based sales presentations.
Use Cases
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Die Jäger von Röckersbühl is one of Germany's leading marketing and sales promotion agencies. The company uses iPersonic to recruit their client's sales teams and train them based on individually developed customer typologies.